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The Administration Unit executes the management of the hospital support functions. They carry out coordinating, directing, controlling, decision making and secretarial, financial duties and deliver management information to the Hospital Management Team (HMT). The Unit supports all teams and departments in order to help them reach their goals.

The duties of the Administration Unit contain personnel, records managers, information scientist, secretarial, financial, conditions and environment of employment and facilities. The administration offices include;

  • Medical Superintendent
  • Administrator’s office
  • Personnel’s Office
  • Information Technologists Office
  • Accounts Office
  • Matron’s Office
  • Records Office


  • General office Management and Running.
  • Transport Management.
  • Assets Management.
  • Property Management.
  • Security and Safety.
  • IT management.
  • Provision of offices for all staff.
  • Provision of all office equipment for use by staff e.g. Computers.
  • Ensuring a clean and secure office environment.
  • Ensuring availability of adequate lighting, water, telecommunication, email, fax, computers etc.
  • Providing, where possible, designated parking for vehicles.
  • Ensuring availability of stationery.
  • Ensuring availability of adequate photocopying services/facilities.
  • Setting of internal operating rules.
  • In charge of repairing and Maintenance of all vehicles, trucks and motor cycles.
  • This includes;
  • Acquisition of assets
  • Management of assets (engraving, locating, checking/counting etc)
  • Recommending disposal of assets
  • Management of all the property of includes buildings installations e.g quarry sites, land etc.
  • Security and Safety
  • Security is supposed to be provided at all sites.
  • Security should be for all assets and property.
  • Users must ensure safety of assets in their possession.
  • Security shall be provided through hiring of a reputable firm.
  • Risk assessment must be conducted to determine what special areas the security firm shall cover.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Information Technology Department is responsible for managing hospital data and information. It was established in response to the growing demand for the use of ICT within the Hospital environment. This department is responsible for complete maintenance, support and development of server to network infrastructure, Data Center, Backup and storage, database, desktop, help desk and data communication system. It provides information technology services to the Hospital.

The mission for IT Department is to provide comprehensive, integrated information services which enable the Hospital to meet its medical and business responsibilities as a healthcare provider serving the community in Kitgum, Northern Uganda and beyond.

  • Responsible for the Network infrastructure of the hospital, including switches, servers, routers, email, internet access, LANs, wireless access, overall network security, databases, website and IT hospital policy implementation and enforcement.
  • Ensure users throughout the hospital are assisted with day to day helpdesk faults/operational support.
  • Liaise with external support partners to ensure the resolution of problems that arise from specific Healthcare related software systems.
  • Responsible for the procurement of hardware and application software packages in line with authorized policy decisions.
  • Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of new and current ICT projects within the hospital. This includes Computer Networks and Data Communication, Network and Databases Security and Hospital Website.
  • Trains hospital staffs/users on various aspects of software solutions which are implemented.