On behalf msof the management of St. Joseph's Hospital kitgum, I am glad to share with you all, the information about this hospital which is allocated within Kitgum Town Council, Kitgum district, Northern Uganda. This hospital is a Key provider of health services for the populationof Kitgum, Lamwoand Parts of Pader district, and Southern Sudan. This Hospital serves everybody without Politicaland Religious affiliation,or even tribes. St. Joseph's was started as a sub-dispensary in 1925 by Comboni Sisters and became a Hospital in 1960. Thecurrent bed capacity is 350 beds with the occupant rate of 114%
The Comboni Sisters were the one who started the hospital but it is ours, we the people of Kitgum and Uganda at large should pay good tribute for them for starting the hospital. The Combonians started the hospital with the mind of serving the most vulnerable, the poorest of all as one of the ways to evangelized the indigenous. The reason to justify the existence of the hospital is"topromote life to the full and to heal", and when we are saying full we mean 100% life should be promoted.
The vision is "to be a center of excellence is providing medical services to the population of Northern Uganda and beyond".The hospital is committed to achieve this vision with the help of both internal and external stakeholders.

The hospital designed some strategic objectives to make the hospital realize its intended goals and broad objective:

1. Consolidation of services;the hospital intends to concentrate on its major functions in effective, efficient, and economical manner without introducing new ones. The major core functions are preventive and curative within the hospital while the minor cases will be left for the peripheral health centers to handle. The hospital intends to strengthen the lower health centers within its catchment areas through capacity building. In doing all these, we put in mind patients' comfort / satisfaction.

2. Capacity building:It's the mandate of the hospital to provide quality medical services as stated in the vision. This then call for the hospital to develop its human resources so that the aspect of efficiency is realized. The hospital gives sponsorship to its staff (medical and support staff) up to the level of master degree. This is to equip the staff with realistic skills that conform to the current standards of operation laid down by Uganda Ministry of Health and Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau. The hospital will continue to access the training needs of its staff in different fields and this will follow the hospital strategic plan (2009 – 2014)

3. Infrastructure and equipment:The hospital focuses on the aspect of constructing and rehabilitating its infrastructures for better services delivery. The hospital at the moment intends to rehabilitate its drugs' store, and theatre and also to rehabilitate the library that facilitate the reading culture among the staff and patients but due to financial shortage the plan is still pending. Infrastructures' development and acquisition of medical equipment is part of the hospital strategic plan for efficient and effective services delivery.

The hospital belongs to the community and it's serving people of all categories without discrimination. We thank everyone who feels for the hospital and who has been generous to the hospital, all the donors and partners. In a special way we thank the Government of Uganda for the Support through provision of PHC grant, AVSI as the principal partner, UCMB, the family of the late Dr. Fr. Manuel Grau and the Foundation in Spain, Catholic Relief Service, WFP, UNICEF, individual benefactors and other international donors. We still seek for your continuous support and we pray that God grant you good health and reward you accordingly.

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