Working Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm (Monday – Saturday)

The OPD for St. Joseph's Hospital is a first entry for all clients in the respective wards except emergencies; medical, surgical, and gynecological/obstetrics, pediatric patients are referred for further cross examination.

At the OPD, all patients are duly welcomed on arrival and briefed about the services available and to create rapport of the procedures and various activities conducted here. To ensure this takes place effectively, a specific nurse is assigned on daily basis to visit and do induction on health education.

The daily management and supervision of the key deliverables at OPD is done by a double trained nurse and her role is to make sure all work is done appropriately and staffs do their work as assigned with love and honesty.


· Observations: Taking vital observations is compulsory to all patients and these observations include: Blood pressure, Temperature, Pulse Respiration, and weight registration.
· Health Education: This is conducted every morning by a staff that has been allocated to do so. Issues discussed include: HIV/AIDS, Sanitation, Malaria and prevention, Warm infestation, etc.
· General Observation/Examination: All patients are checked by clinicians, dressing and minor procedures and done daily while the payment for the services is done following the treatments received. The most destitute don't pay for these services. Patients under IAA, AAR, Medicine San Fronteers, OXFAM, etc are first served in OPD. Medications are given after making payments to the cashier. Daily consumption log is recorded for all patients.
· Vaccination: Done every day from Monday to Saturday.
· RCT: Routine Counseling and Testing for HIV done everyday
· IMAM: Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition. Children are screened daily for malnutrition and enrolled in program plumpynut given and proper follow-up made.

Confidentiality is kept throughout by all the staff and general counseling done on other clinical conditions like cancer, liver cirrhosis, AIDS, etc.

Various reports are given at the end of every month e.g. RCT, Medicine Vaccination, Malaria, etc.


The Unit was opened in February, 2011 due to the ever increasing number of clients with ENT conditions. The section has a well knowledgeable and skilled ENT specialist who doubles as a clinical officer. The average number of patients who attend to ENT daily is 10; however the hospital is faced with limited equipment.

The ear, nose, and throat unit is a section under OPD department. The section handles Ear, Nose and throat (ENT) unit conditions affecting the ear, nurse and throat.
Services offered:
· Quick and proper diagnosis of diseases and conditions affecting the Ear, Nose and Throat
· Treat diseases affecting the ear, nose and throat and referral of difficult cases

Diseases and conditions managed:
· Inflammatory diseases of the ear
o Otitis externa
o Furanculosis
o Otitis media
o Mastoiditis
o Otomycosis
· Traumatic Conditions of the ear
· Foreign bodies and wax

Inflamatory diseases of the Nose and paranosal sinuis
· Rhinitis (Atrophic, Allergic, vasomotor)
· Sinusitis
· Furunculosis
· Adenoids
· Epistaxis
· Foreign bodies
· Inflamatory diseases e.g
o Tonsititis
o Pharyngitis
o Epiglotitis
o Laryngitis
o Oesophagitis
· Foreign bodies, e.g fish bones
· Inflammatory conditions
o Ludwig's Angina
o Adenitis
o Parotitis
o Neck abscesses
Surgical Procedures offered:
· Ear syringing.
· Removal of foreign bodies-Nose, Ear, Throat.
· Incision and drainage (I & D)
· Aural toilet

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