Hepatitis B Vaccine

St. Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum started massive vaccination against Hepatitis B. The program is being supported by the Government of Uganda under Ministry of Health and it’s integrated under primary healthcare. This program came as a result of the outcry of the epidemic in the region (Northern Uganda) and the Government of Uganda has taken it up to vaccinate everyone from the age of 5 years and above. Children below 5 years received the vaccine together with other vaccines against the six killer diseases.    

Vaccine against hepatitis B remained expensive for a common man (50,000/=) and the testing costed 5,000/=. This made many people to remain in the dark without knowing their status and as a result many lost their lives. We thank the Ugandan Government with her partners for this immense support to the citizens. St. Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum shall remain a key implementer of this program. The community is hereby encouraged to come for the test / screening and those found negative should receive the vaccine.

The vaccine is given three times with an interval of one month between the first and the second dose, while the third dose is given after three months from the second dose. Make sure that you finish your three doses correctly if you start for effective outcome. Those found positive (with the virus) should immediately seek for medical attention from rightful medical personnel.    


Testing / screening and vaccination are done twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) in the main out patients department (OPD). Testing and receiving vaccine is done after proper pretest counseling (basic information giving) and results giving (post test counseling) are done by professionals.

Clients are seated in lines in front of the laboratory to be bled for testing. The demand for the service is high but the number of staff is very limited. St. Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum (PNFP affiliated to Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau) and serves as the major referral facility in East Acholi sub region appeals to the Government of Uganda for the secondment of staff (Doctors and Nurses) so that higher capacity to provide quality health services delivery in the region reach the common person.


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