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St. Joseph’s Hospital mission follows from the Mission Statement of the Uganda Episcopal Conference, which has been integrally adopted by the Archdiocese of Gulu.

The mission is derived from the mission of the Catholic Church which has a mandate based on the imitation of Christ and His Deeds and is;

To promote life to the full and to heal

The services provided are committed to a holistic approach in healing by treating and preventing diseases, with a preferential option for the less privileged.
The person (human being) is the centre of all activities and a basic attitude of respect for the human dignity is the guideline for all interventions.

The hospital will aim to promote access to health care for the less privileged and vulnerable social groups like women, children, the financially destitute, and chronically ill. To this purpose the hospital is a non-profit making institution of the Catholic Church.

Since the person is at the centre of all the activities of the hospital, a basic attitude of respect for the human dignity will be the guidance for all and no distinction of ethnic origin, social status; religious or political affiliation will be made.


St. Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum vision is:

To be a Centre of excellence in providing medical services to the population of Northern Uganda and beyond

The vision of the hospital services is a healthy and reconciled life for all individuals, their families and their communities based on the concept of Primary Health Care and ensuring strategy of Health for All:
• The individual, the families and the community pursue a holistically healthy life style (physical, social and spiritual aspects of life)
• The families and the communities are empowered to accompany those who suffer
• Those who suffer find support, care and treatment in a spirit of Christian Solidarity


The goal of St. Joseph’s hospital is derived from its very nature as a catholic founded, private and not for profit and from the catholic health mission. The goal is therefore:

To enhance the partnership with the public health actors and other relevant stakeholders at the national and district level in faithfulness to the mission

The hospital will remain an active operational partner of the national and district health system and contribute to the national health objectives in accordance to its status and the catholic health mission. The hospital will strengthen the partnership with all the different relevant stakeholders to make it effective and durable.

The main area of concern will be adherence to the participation in the national and district policy, planning, monitoring and evaluation, and correct use of accountability of the government subsidies.


The philosophy of St. Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum is derived from its nature as a catholic founded, private and not for profit and its mandate to serve the less privileged and the most vulnerable in the community. The philosophy is therefore to:

Journeying with the sick and finding Peace and Joy in comforting the dying and the afflicted

All the hospital’s staff will contribute towards holistic healing of the patients with total dedication, respect, empathy, and harmony. The staff will realize that the hospital is a holy ground where one encounter the Creator and patients realize the Hands of God at work, and the dying gets consoled.