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Overall Objectives

This objective is derived within the framework of Uganda Health Sector Strategic Plan, Millennium Development Goals and it’s based on the hospital Vision and Mission statement. St. Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum has set an overall objective for the next five years;

To improve the health status and socioeconomic conditions of the people of Northern Uganda and beyond by being a key provider of quality healthcare

To achieve the overall objective, the hospital has identified seven strategic objectives that it will implement over the planed period. These are divided into three categories: the first address service delivery objectives, the second address capacity building objectives, while the third address construction, equipment and plants:
Service Delivery Objectives

  • To consolidate core areas of in-patient, out-patient and community based health services delivery
  • To consolidate and introduce a select number of specialized services directly expected to improve patients care, physiotherapy, clinical pastoral care, etc
  • To reinforce the hospital′s learning and teaching collaboration role by improving epidemiological and information analysis, hospital diagnosis and information documentation and offering community based training attachments for university students and other medical and paramedical students

Capacity Building Objective

  • To secure, train and retain a sufficient number of qualified satisfied and committed personnel through development of comprehensive human resources strategic plan
  • To secure and manage hospital funding at a sustainable level through improved financial and materials management, accountability, effectiveness and costs control and diversification of hospital funding base
  • To re-orient and improve hospital activities towards quality of service and humanity of care
  • To enhance the hospital′s knowledge in management and communications capacity through effective and functional committees and upgrading ICT

Construction, Equipment and Plants

  • To provide satisfactory accommodations to the relevant hospital′s staff
  • To expand the space for quality services and care
  • To improve the efficiency of services and health information system and communication
  • To widen the financial base so as to facilitate sustainability.

Specific Objectives

The hospital has developed eight specific objectives below in order to meet the overall objective and strategic objectives stated above. The specific objectives to achieve the overall objective include;

  • Title

    To provide curative services to the service area population, patients referred from other units and those requesting assistance in line with the Uganda Treatment Guidelines.

  • Title

    To provide integrated preventive and promotional health care services to the service area population in accordance to the Uganda Minimum Health care Package and catholic Health policy.

  • Title

    To secure the presence in the hospital of an apostolic community composed of Religious, Clergy and Catholic Laity to animate the people of God in the hospital.

  • Title

    To ensure the services are accessible without discrimination to the vulnerable, less privileged and very poor both socially and financially.

  • Title

    To plan, budget, manage and monitor all the services in a cost effective, transparent and sustainable manner.

  • Title

    To collect, compile, analyse and use the data or information in view of improving the effectiveness of the health interventions and the efficiency of the hospital.

  • Title

    To perform the duties related to supervision of the community owned resource persons in the service area allocated in Kitgum District, dialogue with the community towards improvement of the health of the people and as member of the Kitgum District Health Team.

  • Title

    To ensure that the hospital complies yearly with the accreditation criteria set by the Archdiocesan Health Coordinator and the UCMB.