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The Institution is a private, not for profit Hospital which belongs to Gulu Archdiosece and accredited by Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau ( UCMB).

St Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum operated 24Hrs during the most difficult time of civil war between the Government of Uganda and the rebel group of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The War lasted for over decade and the vast population of northern Uganda was displaced in Internal People Displaced Camps (IDP). Many lives were lost and many people sustained physical disabilities. During that time all Government and Private Health facilities were closed but St Joseph’s Hospital remained operational to provide care to the sick and those injured due to war.





The Hospital during the civil war provided both curative and preventive care to the population. Over 5,000 HIV clients were received nutrition support with the help of World Food Program (WFP) to help them adhere to their treatments and boost their immunity. Many Humanitarian Organizations (CRS, IRC, ACCORD, AVSI, ICRC, OXFAM, among others) supported the population through the hospital. Over 10,000 night commuters were housed with the help of the Humanitarian Organizations every night in the hospital. We thank Government of Uganda for the current prevailing peace and improved infrastructures (roads).


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