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St. Joseph’s is a private, not for profit hospital and our ownership is under Gulu Catholic Archdiocese. We are accredited to Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB).

St. Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum operated 24 hours during the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels insurgency in Northern Uganda. Very many local population of Kitgum District (including Pader, Agago, and Lamwo) and Southern Sudan who were injured in this war were served with Love and Honesty. The Hospital in it’s mission “To promote life to the full and to heal” and its Philosophy “Journeying with the sick and finding Peace and Joy in comforting the dying and the afflicted”, together with its staff who lived with their families within the hospital worked tirelessly serving this population with faithfulness to the mission.

In a local news on Human Rights House Network website, “In Kitgum, in northern Uganda, where insecurity and a virtually non-existent road network means getting to hospital may take days, health workers battle to ensure that HIV-positive pregnant women access services to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the virus. “We encourage pregnant women who have tested positive for HIV to admit themselves to our hospital two weeks before they are due to deliver, so they can receive their dose of nevirapine in good time,” said Beatrice Opira, a counsellor at Kitgum’s St Joseph’s Hospital.”


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