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The department was opened in the year 2020 and became fully operational in October 2020.

The department has a comprehensive group of highly qualified professionals and dentist in who are dedicated to excellence in dentistry. The team comprises of a Dental surgeon, an Enrolled Nurse and a Nursing Assistant.

We take a great pride in the quality of our dentistry and always wish to make your visit a pleasant experience.

Restorative dentistry or filling

This is to restore health, integrity and function of the missing tooth structure, it involve the use of various dental cements to fill cavities cause by tooth decay.

Oral surgery

This involves minor oral surgery simplest being extraction, incision and excision biopsy of oral lesions. Other surgical procedures involve the fixing of various jawbone injuries.

Tooth Extractions:  

This involves the removal of already hopeless tooth in the mouth, Disimpaction is removal abnormally growing wisdom tooth

Dental hygiene & periodontics.

This involves professional tooth cleaning termed as scaling and polishing, it offers prophylactic benefits against tooth decay and the health of the tooth supporting structures(periodontium)


These includes crown, bridges, veneers and dentures. This also restores function and appearance of an individual, by replacing missing teeth and  changing appearance of teeth in the mouth, in terms of color and design.

 Endodontics therapy: 

This is root canal treatment of teeth with damaged nerves from dental caries, trauma, gum disease, and others. Here the tooth nerves and associated blood supply is removed and the tooth is restored. Most root canal treated tooth will require a crown to improve their life span.