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St Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum is located in Kitgum Municipality about 3 kms from the Kitgum town center. It is a private not for profit public hospital under Gulu Archdiocese and belongs to the Network of Uganda Catholic Health facilities.

The current hospital capacity is 280 beds. The hospital was established 1960 with 100 beds.

The present hospital started as a clinic (Aid Post) under the veranda of the Comboni Sisters in 1925. Later in 1938 a dispensary was opened under a Mango tree in the convent of the Comboni Missionaries (sisters). The dispensary, under the mango tree provided OPD services for minor ailments and was run by Comboni Sisters.

The Second World War interrupted services and the dispensary temporarily closed. After the world war the Verona Fathers and Sisters consulted the local community occupying the present land the hospital is located to provide the land for development. The community willingly accepted and evacuated the place. To evacuate or move aside means “Nyiki” in luo.

In 1952 a block was constructed and the dispensary was upgraded to a health center that provided maternity and OPD services. Two years later, 1955 the Provincial Medical Officer Gulu visited the facility and noted the very good work being done and encourage collaboration with the government hospital to improve and provide services.

Funds for additional new construction came through the Comboni Missionaries who also managed the hospital on behalf of the Bishop of Gulu Diocese.

There was rapid infrastructure development in the health center and in January 1960 the Ministry of Health upgraded the health center into hospital with 100 beds. Since that time the hospital grew to a bed capacity of 350 beds because of demand during the peak of insurgency in Kitgum, however with the return of peace the capacity has been downsized to 280 beds.

The comboni Sisters left active management of the hospital in 1971. Since then the hospital is managed by, Board of Governors led by the Archbishop of Gulu and the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu provide a fundamental input in the management of the hospital

  1. Dr. Atim Pamela  Year (2013-date)
  2. Dr. Lawrence Ojom    Year (2002-2013)
  3. Dr. Theresa Pellio        Year(1996-2002)
  4. Dr. Adolf Diefanhardt      Year (1990-1995)
  5. Dr. Filippo Ciantia     Year (1982-1987)   
  6. Dr. Rev. Fr. Albert Manuel Grau      Year (Late 60s and 70s)