Management Team


Medical Director

Dr. Atim Pamela

On behalf of the management and the entire staff of St Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum, I’m pleased to be part of the launch of a new hospital website that provides in depth information about St Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum. Patients are now able to get information about services available and also schedule appointments with Doctors for a variety of services.St Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum prides itself in being a centre of quality patient care offered by a team of highly trained staff. Our mission and Core values remain the cornerstone of our dedication to patient care.As we move through 2019, we look forward to many new developments as we strive to become a centre of excellence

Hospital Administrator

Mr. Ochola Robert

I thank the Almighty God for the gift of St Joseph’s Hospital kitgum and above all for the gift of the founders (the Comboni Missionaries). I thank the Board of Governors for their stewardship to ensure that policies are in place and systems are streamlined for efficient and effective management.
I thank the staff for their commitment and passion in providing holistic care for those in dire needs. I also thank all the Resource Partners who have and are still supporting the Hospital to provide services to those in need.


Our Medical Team


Meet Our Dedicated Medical team

The hospital has got a number of well trained medical personals, surgeons, midwives, nurses and a variety of trained skilled labor in all sectors. The level of commitment and devotion of the staff is beyond imagination. The hospital has over 150 employees under different sectors.


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