About the Training School

The training institution is located within the parent Hospital (St Joseph’s Hospital-Kitgum) which is about 2.5 kilometers north East away from Kitgum municipality , along Kitgum mission road.



Who We Are

St. Joseph’s Hospital Kitgum School of Nursing and Midwifrey

The Institution runs on a semester with one intake every year.

The following are the courses offered in our great institution.

  • Certificate in Nursing. (2 1/2) years
  • Certificate in Midwifrey. (2 1/2) years


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  • To train highly reputable health care workers.


  • To train optimal health care workers of high moral and professional standard for international health care institutions.

Overall Objective.

  • To produce skilled human resource for Midwifrey and Nursing with a difference for providing quality health care with added moral values for National and global health care delivery.
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We Care About You

Principal Tutor

Rev Sr. Elizabeth Candiru

We warmly welcome you to St. Joseph’s Hospital-Kitgum School of Nursing and Midwifrey. It is affiliated to Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) Catholic Arcdiocese of Gulu, under the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES), Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC) and Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examination Board (UNMEB).

The school was officially opened in Novemeber 2015, with exceptionally skilled trained staff and loving environment.

Head of Midwifrey/Academic Registra

Abwol Judith

Midwifrey is a seed planted at St Joseph’s Hospital-Kitgum School of Nurisng and Midwifrey in Acholi-Sub-Region to provide better services near and across the glob.Holistic Child birth and up bringing of girl child must be safe. Holistic effort to train professionals to love and serve with honesty is key at the hospital and the school atlarge.

Together with the stake holders and entire community, “Let’s Journey together for success and professionalism

Head of Nursing

Mrs Laker Regina Betty

Chosen by God to serve humanity at st joseph’s hospital school of nursing and midwifrey. The key training is to to be a good role model in the nursing profession. Remember Nursing is a long time commitment. I have short quick steps to manage time effectively inorder to prevent disease, promote health, quick recovery, support and promote peaceful death with dinity.

To love and serve with honesty

Entry Requirements

Our programs target both Local and International Students from all regions. Annually, we admit 70-90 students for  both Certificate in Nursing and Midwifrey. The following requirements are required for anyone to be admitted for Programmes above at this great institution

O’ Level Pass Slip with at least 5 passes in English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics/Agriculture/Health Science.


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